Bridging Cultures and Worlds

Count on LIN's "Last Mile" Performance

LIN Network per 1 March 2019
LIN Country Coverage: >55
LIN Regional Directors: 8
LIN Partners Worldwide: >110

Training Schedule and Webinars for our Partners

Status: 21 February 2019

LIN's training classes/webinars have become bigger than LIN. The attendees learn about international business development, leadership and how to drive international value creation.

That is why we have decided to "open the door" for everybody who wishes to scale up business and life by simultaneously making the world a better place.

Register under and enjoy.

LIN Empowers

By adding LIN as a PLUG-IN or ADD-ON to their current business activities and spending 10-30% of their time to develop LIN in their city and country, the Management Consultant and Business Development Manager can improve their income by 100-300%.

LIN opens International Markets for Companies around the world

It always had been a shortcoming of the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) to reach out to overseas destinations to find partners and for selling their products and services.

Usually the focus of the SMEs lies in innovation, production, organization and selling to the local market and maybe to neighboring markets that are easily accessible by car. Then usually the geographical reach of the SME ends.

Once the SMEs approach overseas markets, the costs and risks drastically increase. The experiences of the Sales Managers or the General Manager in international terrains are limited and relying on wrong partners abroad may cost a lot of money.

And that is when LIN comes in.

GDP growth rate of emerging economies, source: World Bank

LIN offers SMEs access to international markets by aligning them with local Management Consultants and local Business Development Managers in the destination country.

LIN has masterminded an institutionalized approach to support SMEs in their endeavors to upscale their international business activities; both efficiently and affordably.