SMEs need a Professional Setup

Get organized with a state-of-the-art Cloud Solutions

LIN looks at SMEs holistically to find out how to improve their processes and how to streamline their market approach.

One of the challenges that SMEs are facing is to become more professional, efficient and to master their customer approach including invoicing, social media and data base. For that reasons it is essential to adapt a professional and well-working Cloud Solution.

We at LIN have aligned with one of the top companies around the world that is particularly very strong in providing SMEs with suitable solutions. We also care about data security and believe that the most secure places to store data is in Europe and Asia.

That is why we have aligned with Zoho from Chennai in India. 6000 people in Chennai alone are working for Zoho to improve and become better and better. And the Zoho solutions are truly working very well.

LIN uses Zoho since 2016 and we have witnesses the evolution and user friendliness of their solutions.

Talk to your nearest LIN Business Advisor. He will let you know more about the Zoho Solutions and how to get accustomed with it.