SMEs need a powerful System

Adopt an international Franchise Solution and upscale your business

SMEs very often lack on creativity and enthusiasm for their products. They have started strong and have gained market shares, but over the course of time their creativity and energy to come up with competitive solutions have dwindled. Then they wish to revamp their business and need inspirations.

We at LIN assist SMEs in many ways but if an SME has lost his innovative edge and does not know what to do next, it might be a good idea to take on a Franchise. For that LIN has aligned with a global leader in developing and offering Franchise Solutions.

Over the many years since existence, Francorp has developed thousands of Franchise Solutions all over the world.

At LIN we offer the SMEs either to connect them with the responsible partner of Francorp directly to develop an own Franchise solution or to get a list of available Franchise Solutions ready to take on.

Talk to your nearest LIN Business Advisor. He will understand your requirements and can suggest solutions or even can connect you to the right contact Francorp directly.