LIN has developed proven Methodologies

Efficient processes optimize the international Market Approach

The processes and methodologies of LIN have been developed over the course of several years. We put the SME at center stage and look at him holistically. We understand the pains and challenges of the SME, but also, we understand their requirements, wishes and dreams.

These days the value proposition of LIN is unique, affordable and not available from anyone else in the world. At least we wouldn’t know of anyone offering a similar solution.

LIN fills the void between the local Management Consultant with his limited international reach and the top-of-class international Management Consultancy Groups with a very high price tag serving multinational companies and Governments mainly.


We have understood that it takes much more than just to have a good idea and bring out a new service. We have understood that it takes an international network that offers local expertise and local knowledge that can be assessed by SMEs in other countries easily.

There are more and more SMEs out there and the competition is getting tougher. The same is true with Management Consultants and Business Development Managers. Their income level is decreasing due to the big number of competitors on the market. They need to find other solutions to increase their income, they need an Option-B plan and they need to develop a passive income.

LIN has found a methodology to combine SMEs who have the aspiration to reach international markets with the local expertise and experience of Management Consultants and Business Development Managers to align in joint Business Development Projects.

The LIN System may seem complex at first glance, but it combines many factors to offer an outstanding value propositions for the SME. Once the SME understands how LIN creates the symbiosis between the SME and the partner in the remote country, he usually is stunned by the simplicity of the LIN System.