Welcome to LIN in Indonesia

LIN empowers SMEs to sell their products and services to international markets.

Contact Mister Sadat Bahri under sab@lin4you.com.

or Mister Fedy Kostiano under fek@lin4you.com.

or Mister Rony Tabari under rot@lin4you.com.

You will get a clear idea how you can benefit of LIN.

LIN's Core Business Activities are:
  • International Business Development for SMEs
  • Export-Fit Consulting for SMEs
  • Road Shows & Delegations to foreign destinations
  • Hire a Professional and Interim Management in foreign destinations
  • Strategic Advisory and Alignment Programs with Governments, Multinationals and SMEs
  • LIN International Framework Solutions

We look comprehensively at the shortcomings, bottlenecks, desires and wishes of the SMEs to create value for them in many ways.

LIN's Complementary Business Solutions are:
  • Cloud-based CRM and Marketing Solutions
  • Franchise Solutions to take on
  • Funding Arrangement Solutions for Companies and for Projects
  • More to come

Scale up your businesses and talk to us!

Your LIN Leadership Team