Welcome to LIN in Kenya

LIN empowers Management Consultants, Business Development Managers and SMEs all around the world to widen their international reach and to sell their products and services Internationally.

Contact Mr. Moses Mulama under mom@lin4you.com

and Ms. Brenda Ossii under bro@lin4you.com.

LIN empowers SMEs and offers high-value/low-cost business solutions:

  • International Business Development – Count on LIN’s Sales Success Management (SASUMA) and create value by developing international markets
  • International Funding Solutions – Get your Partners and Customers funded via LIN’s Funding Solutions from China

LIN creates values in Emerging Economies and is active in Africa, Latin America, Asia and soon in most countries around the world:

  • Bridging cultures and believes and developing business opportunities for SMEs to access new markets
  • Executing International Business Development Programs and aligning with Government Departments and Umbrella Organizations

LIN enables Management Consultants and Freelancers to materialize on their existing network and benefit of their local expertise:

  • Scaling up Income 100-300% by developing LIN in their city, country or even internationally
  • Increasing Competitiveness and International Reach by becoming a franchise partner of LIN

LIN endeavors to make the world a better place by developing and executing Social Responsibility Programs:

  • LIN’s Giving Back Programs – Women and Children in need shall get food on their plates, get medical aid and shall have access to education
  • LIN’s Young Talents Awards – Students in Emerging Economies shall get a fair chance to promote their ideas to investors in Industrialized Economies
  • LIN Family Foundation – Caring about our esteemed LBAs, LRDs and LIN Employees in times of hardships with an immediate cash support

LIN strengthens the worldwide B2B community by developing a Network of Professionals, Experts and Specialists who offer SMEs affordable solutions to be able to access markets all around the world.

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