The Road to Success

Creativity, Refinement, Progress and Perseverance

It was in the summer of 2011 when Reinhard Wind, the Founder and CEO of LIN “stretched his legs” the first time and bought a company in Dubai for developing an international B2B network.

At that point of time the economies in the Middle East were not very supportive and the company had to close down within 2 years.

In the following years, Reinhard Wind analyzed the shortcomings of his earlier strategies and regrouped his energies and aspirations, until finally, in 2016 the Logistics & Industry Network (LIN) was born under the Antares Group Dubai and monthly networking events grew in popularity.

The defined target was to establish an international B2B Network to serve the Logistics & Supply Chain Industries and related technical industries for connecting them via a worldwide Peer-To-Peer Network.

Since 2016, LIN has changed substantially from being a company that is organizing networking events to a franchise organization that empowers SME’s to sell their products into international markets.

The methodologies and institutionalized processes of LIN have been received very positively by the SMEs as well as by the franchisees that line up for starting to work under the framework of LIN.

Management Consultants, Business Development Managers a d Freelancers use LIN as a PLUG-IN or ADD-ON to their current portfolio to widen their international reach and to drastically increase their personal income.

From August 2017 onward, LIN has experienced a tremendous growth. Being represented in 7 countries in September 2017 and having a foot on the ground in 16 countries in December 2017, LIN already is represented in 37 countries by Mid April 2018, with the ability to cover almost all industries.

To master the enormous growth and to scale up even faster, the LIN Leadership Team has been widened by LIN Regional Directors (LRDs) who are physically present and active in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Asia. Over the course of the coming months more LIN Regional Directors will be joining the LIN Leadership Team.

The success of LIN not only lies in the well developed structure, but in the advanced value proposition offered to SMEs and in the unbeatable Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

LIN is on a high-speed march to cover more than 100 countries around the world by 2022 and to become a highly valued company.

Many advanced services and processes are in the pipeline of being rolled out in the coming years masterminded by the Founder, Owner and CEO, Reinhard Wind, by the Co-Founder and CFO, Andrew Robinson and by the LIN Leadership Team.

But LIN is not about commercials only. LIN has come to stay and is passionate to contribute to the betterment of the human society and to the regeneration of planet earth. We aspire this for leaving a healthy and livable world for our children and the generations to come.

And this finally is the purpose of LIN – making the world a better place!