Welcome to LIN in Romania

LIN empowers Management Consultants, Business Development Managers and SMEs all around the world to widen their international reach and to sell their products and services Internationally.

Contact Mr. Valentin Tuca under vtu@lin4you.com.

You will get a clear idea how you can benefit of LIN.

LIN's Core Business Activities are:
  • International Business Development for SMEs
  • Export-Fit Consulting for SMEs
  • Road Shows & Delegations to foreign destinations
  • Hire a Professional and Interim Management in foreign destinations
  • Strategic Advisory and Alignment Programs with Governments, Multinationals and SMEs
  • LIN International Framework Solutions

We look comprehensively at the shortcomings, bottlenecks, desires and wishes of the SMEs to create value for them in many ways.

LIN's Complementary Business Solutions are:
  • Cloud-based CRM and Marketing Solutions
  • Franchise Solutions to take on
  • Funding Arrangement Solutions for Companies and for Projects
  • More to come

Scale up your businesses and talk to us!

Your LIN Leadership Team